August 15, 2019

A Levels – Results Day and Choices, Choices, Choices

So it’s A Level Results Day and good luck from everyone at Alphascareers.  We hope that the results are what you have been looking for and expecting.

Now that you have completed your A Levels it is the time of choices, a significant rise in unconditional offers for University means the market place for your talent is even more fierce. But it doesn’t mean that University is necessarily the right place for you at this vital time in your career. Research undertaken by Alphascareers shows the cost of University is more than £100,000 after tax more than some alternative pathways – that is a significant sum of money that will need recouping during your future career. And, you can study now for most professions through an alternative route such as an Apprenticeship without the need to go to University.

Making the right choice, investing in support to make those choices has never been so important so talk to the team at and we will give you independent advice on what is your best option for this vital next stage in your careers.

And – oh yes, enjoy your celebrations this evening but be safe !

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