September 26, 2019

Gatsby Foundation Research on Secondary Teachers’ Views on Post-18 Options for Students

The team have reviewed the interesting report of Pye Tait Consulting on behalf of the Gatsby Foundation about the views of Secondary Teachers’ Views on Post 18 Options for Students. 

Given the critical role that teachers’ play in providing advice to students of all ages about careers options, there are some fascinating observations in the report 

‘Three in five teachers that responded (60%) argue it is the responsibility of someone else to talk to students about post-18 options. This either indicates a lack of interest on the teachers’ part – unlikely given the previous statement – or more likely indicates a collaborative effort across teaching staff to educate students on post-18 options’

‘The majority of teachers believe a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree to be higher education qualifications (82% and 78%, respectively). However, there is lower understanding among teachers regarding other qualifications, with less than half considering a higher apprenticeship (48%) or a Certificate of Higher Education (45%) to be higher education qualifications’

It is positive that teachers see they have a role to play in advising pupils on careers choices. However, the overwhelming message from the report is that the level of confidence in providing such advice varies considerably and there is a need to support teachers with their role. 

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