June 1, 2019

The Baker clause – Why is it relevant to you ?

The Baker clause, named after Lord Baker, the former education minister was introduced in January 2018.

The purpose is to raise awareness of technical education and requires all schools to publish a policy statement explaining how external providers such as Colleges and Private Training Providers can access the school and talk to their students about further education and other forms of study such as Apprenticeships.

Which providers can students talk to?

At age 14, students can talk to:

  • studio schools –secondary schools that offers students practical skills in the workplace as well as subjects taught in traditional schools
  • further education colleges – these colleges offer vocational and specialist qualifications
  • university technical colleges –a type of secondary school that delivers technical education.

Students are entitled to access these routes if the providers have opportunities for 14-year-old enrolment.At age 16, students can talk to:

At age 16, students can talk to:

  • further education colleges
  • sixth form colleges
  • apprenticeship providers who will be Colleges, Private Training Providers or employers and some charities involved with specific trades
  • work-based training providers who generally in the private sector, focussed on Apprenticeships.

And at age 18, young people can talk to apprenticeship and higher education (HE) providers.

We have spoken to many Schools and School Trusts at a senior level. Surprisingly, many:

  • had not yet developed a policy to meet the requirements of the Baker Clause
  • some of them hadn’t heard of the requirement so had done little to implement the requirement.

The DFE through the Skills Minister is keen to ensure that young people get all the options for sound careers advice on an independent basis.

Why not fulfil your obligations to the Baker Clause by asking our team for a specimen policy statement and signing up all of your pupils to Alpha Careers – your will be compliant in one easy step and we will provide you with data on useage across your School and Trust on a free of charge basis

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