November 29, 2019

The Reason why AlphasCareers is Needed!

Survey with concerning findings is released, we have the solution.

November saw the publication of a survey by the much respected Deirdre Hughes, looking at a number of senior members of staff working in a range of Schools and Academies across England.

The aim of the survey was to find out the extent to which schools were able to meet their regulatory requirements regarding careers information, advice and guidance, given to young people.

The overall conclusion is that Schools are struggling to find sufficient funds to ensure that all young people receive good quality, independent and impartial careers advice. Importantly, 84% of respondents agreed that careers provision within Schools is now a high priority. However,

  • Only 10% of respondents claimed that they have sufficient funding to carry out these activities
  • 75% of respondents highlighted that they have limited, insufficient or no funding
  • 18% reported that received less than £2,000 per year to support these activities, equating to around £2 per student, per year
  • 35% employed a trained and qualified careers professional for less than 8 hours per week to fulfil their obligations

The overarching message is that funding and competing demands for time and resources are all major obstacles to delivering careers education, information, advice and guidance to all students within Secondary Schools and Academies.

Whilst funding may never be sufficient to meet the significant needs of our young people in obtaining the comprehensive careers advice needed, something does need to be done. The alternative is that billions of pounds that are invested in educating our young people will be going to waste.

Fundamentally, if we aren’t preparing individuals for the world of work as part of their overall education experience, then what is the purpose of the investment.

When we launched AlphasCareers our research highlighted the appalling statistic that less than 5 out of around 15,000 classes in a young persons education are dedicated to careers advice and guidance.

AlphasCareers is a significant piece of the jigsaw in addressing these problems. It enables Schools to provide more resources, FREE of charge, releases teachers and careers advisors to focus on the reasons they are in education and importantly starts the essential process of involving parents in the important decisions, career choices and pathways that their children face.

Contact the AlphasCareers team today to see how we can support the children of today prepare for the future of tomorrow.

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