June 5, 2019

How Much Careers Advice Does your Child Actually Receive?

The world is rapidly changing. We are expected as a society to increasingly pay for what we receive as we go through life, more a rental than a purchase, may that be a car through a PCP, Music through Apple Music or Amazon Music services, Media and Broadcast through Sky or Netflix and many other services which emerge and where we all willingly pay for or simply get used this method of transacting for goods or services.

If you are like me, I recently found I was renting the same music on three different service streams and happily doing so if I could listen to Take That, at home, on the move or on a plane.

So what has that got to do with the subject of this blog ?

We are all willing to pay for services to support our lifestyles but why won’t we invest in our child’s future careers – because until now there has been nothing available. That is where Alpha Careers provides the solution for you.

A child undertakes more than 3,500 lessons during their student life – yet less than 0.0025% is dedicated to the subject of their career – where they will spend the next 80,000 hours of their lives. Educators will say careers advice is embedded across the curriculum but let’s leave that debate for when we have more time.

Recent research by Alpha Careers for just one sample career identified that by the age of 25, someone leaving school at 16 and achieving the same professional qualifications as someone going onto University will be over £180,000 better off – that’s the price of a nice property in the Midlands and remember they will have six years more work experience than the pupil going to University.

So as a parent / carer or guardian – where can I go if I want to support my child and as an educator how can I support all of our pupils to make more informed career choices ?

In our view, we need to start much earlier in the education cycle – year 6 is a good starting point but very few have the benefit at this point in their life.

Some say it is the role of Government to do this – it isn’t going to happen.

So here at Alpha Careers, we have done something about it.

Every child in the UK deserves improved career advice – we are launching a comprehensive service free of charge for every child – self funded and self invested by ourselves so we encourage every school and parent to participate and register with us now. No child should not get the opportunity for good careers advice, irrespective of their background and start in life.

And for those of you that want to further invest in your child’s future, look at our optional subscription service offer which is coming soon. Investing in a movie service or a career for your child – I know which one I would want to do ! Contact us on: info@alphacareers.com

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