Parents and Carers

Are you frustrated through the lack of advice for your children about careers choices? Alphas Careers is a new breed of Careers Advice for young people.

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Be a part of your child’s career advice

Almost all careers advice in the UK does not involve you, the parents and carers of the countries young people. We believe you should be supported in the process and decision making, and in our opinion and experience, it is you that really support your children in making their career choices.

We want to work with you, your child and their School to join up careers and education choices for post 16. Discussions must start early, year 7 is where we believe the information should start to flow, such that by year 9, many more young adults have an idea of what their interests are and what they want to do in the future.

Invest in your child’s future

A pupil will undertake over 15,000 classes during their student life at school but less than 5 of those are dedicated to careers advice or choices!

As a parent, we invest in our children’s wellbeing through health club memberships, entertainment such as Netflix and iPads, sports and other activities but how many of us invest in their future career choices – Almost none of us!

We spend over 80,000 hours in our lifetime of work but how much time do we individually invest thinking about our career choices?

We connect young people with careers that matches who they are!

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Connecting young people with careers

Free at the point of delivery for every child in the UK, accessible to all young people of any age, specifically focussed on those aged between 11 and 18. We are working with School Trusts and Local Authorities to engage young people throughout the UK but you can enrol yourself and work through our interactive portal.

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Careers Advice. Done properly.

Experience the next evolution of careers advice for young people.

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